For 16 years, Gunther and Irene Krause owned
and operated the original “Zur-Kate” in Hamburg
Germany. Gunther was a “Metzgermeister” (Master
Butcher).and Irena was tutored by the famous Herr
Keimer to develope her culinary skills. In the fall
of 1983, the Krauses re-located to Mesa (for it’s
“wunderbar” weather) and opened “Zur-Kate German

Horst Schlembach was born in Großwenkheim (close
to Bad Kissingen) in the Bavaria District of Germany.
When he was 23, he used his last few “D-marks”
(Deutsche marks) to relocate to Arizona (he wanted to
be a cowboy). He joined the Krause’s at “Zur-Kate”
shortly after they opened. After 23 years of working
with Gunther & Irena, Horst with his wife Elena and
son Horst Jr. became the new owners of “Zur-Kate”
(still in the same location).

“Zur-Kate” translated means “to the old smokehouse”
and to this day “Zur-Kate” still attempts to recreate the
“Gästehaus” atmosphere of “gemutlichkeit” (cordiality
& friendliness). Here we treat everyone as a friend
when they come through the door.

To ensure freshness, your meals are “prepared to
order”. We truly hope you will sit back and enjoy your
experience and visit with your dining neighbors.

Est. 1983 – Mesa, Arizona